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A cupcake for my cupcakes

Tomorrow, my daughter’s best friend leaves for college.

Not only is she the oldest nugget’s bff, she is truly like my child.  They have been friends since they were eight years old — that’s TEN years!! Unheard of with girls these days!!  Never had a big blow up…never had the drama with each other.  And I love her.  And my heart is breaking.

But I can’t show her that. I’m so proud of her; I don’t want her to feel bad for leaving.  She’s doing what she set out to do — get the hell out of dodge, and I couldn’t be more proud.  It just sucks for right now.  But we will have Skype convos and I plan on visiting her very soon.

Last night was her going away party.  It was all good until it was time to say goodbye.  I  had promised myself I would not cry. If you know me, you know that is like telling an alcoholic not to drink – I just can’t help it. As we were leaving, all three girls started to cry.  I mean, snot running, unable to catch your breath, sobbing…  and then I felt my own dam start to crack.  Shit! I had to get out of there.  So I bribed her with one last visit before she leaves – to pick up Nutella cupcakes, her favorite.

After all, when you’re sad, what else makes you feel better than to throw together a batch of cupcakes??? Oh, wait… you don’t do that?  That’s just me being a dork??? Oh…well…that explains a lot!

I’d made these before, following the recipe here:

THIS time, I opted to toast Hazelnuts to top the frosting.  Yeah….not a fan.  Could be I toasted them way too long, but the smoky taste was too much for me.  I ended up scraping off most of them….

I asked my lil’ nugget to be my helper.  She poured the sugar and melted the butter for the frosting.  It helped her not feel sad too.

When I asked her to be the taste-tester, I could tell she wasn’t enthused.  Then, she took a bite.  And her whole face lit up in surprise.  She said “Wow, Mommy…I thought these were gonna be gross, but they don’t taste gross at all!!

Guess that’s good enough for me.



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  1. Update: She left. I cried. The end. 😦


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