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Whew!! Now that this weekend is over….

I did it!!!

I managed to almost be in two places at the same time.  No small feat, mind you…since my magical powers only work on children under the age of 1 and the elderly (who tend to have lost most of their hearing anyway…).

Somehow, I booked myself to “cater” desserts for not one but TWO parties on the same day.  One for a co-worker celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary, and the other for my dearest friends’ of whom happens to be my goddaughter (heaven help her!!).   It was important to me to do the best I could for both parties, but it seemed that Murphy and his goddamned law were determined to derail my best intentions.

The main problem was the heat…96 degrees the day before the party.  And if you’ve ever baked, you know that frosting will not set when its hotter than hell.   So — I turn the fans on the cupcakes.  Literally.  That seemed to help a bit.  Then I just gave up trying to frost until about 10 PM, when it started to cool off.

For the girls’ birthday, I decided to go simple. Shocker, I know.  BUT — I wanted the two year old to have her own special cupcake.  And she loves Elmo . So I decided I had to make Elmo.  Might as well have decided to sculpt the Mona Lisa in Fondant.  Didn’t have the right tip.  Didn’t have any oreo cookies for a mouth.  Good Lord.  Needless to day I was at Michaels at 9:01 the next morning.  The party started at noon. 


Luckily, it all came together. I guess I work well under pressure, although my husband might whisper that my inner bitch comes out when I’m stressed.  I can’t deny it.

Cupcakes were a success.  Then my little one asked me to paint faces at the party.  Thirteen seven year old girls’ faces. I’m so sick of the disco diva face, I could puke.  By the end, I was begging for anyone to just let me paint a butterfly. Or Spiderman. Or SOMETHING different.

But, my girls had a great birthday. Or so it seems from the pics posted on Facebook.  Because, of course, I had to leave early (but late for me) to get to the next party.  After I went by my office to pick up the damn teddy bears I forgot for the centerpiece (couldn’t blow them off — they were saved from the wedding cake and were the theme of the party.)  Then swung by my house to pick up the cupcakes, brownies, strawberries, and oh yes – the guest book I was in charge of making – crap, can’t forget the hubby and kid…and then we were off to the second party.

This party was….interesting.  It was a group of people who were, basically, LARPers.  Live Action Role Playing Players.  Or just Role Playing Games.  There is a difference, I learned.  The party was based on a “comic-con” type theme.  Lots of comic books and memorabilia.  Which was fun for the geek in me.  A few role playing game (with no dice – I’m told that’s important!).  Labryinth was playing on the big screen, followed by The Princess Bride.  (LOVE).  And Pandas. Everywhere.    While it was not really my element, it was super fun to people watch and take snapshots.  And I’m not going to lie – I completely geeked out over the Star Wars stuff.  I know.. I know….

But they loved the cupcakes.  And the guest Book.  It was fun for me to see them celebrate their love and I wish them the best for the next twenty five!!



Yep that is a Tribble.  From the Star Trek episode “the Trouble with Tribbles”.  I chuckled…

From the party, my husband took me on a spontaneous date night at a super swanky restaurant called “El Gaucho”.  We had a gift card, and it ended up only costing us $50.  Damn Grey Goose martinis… I should have stopped at 2!! 

All in all it was a good weekend. Today, I barely left my house, and not just because I was hungover.    I cleaned.  I baked a pie with my daughter.  I didn’t even cook dinner!!!  And now, I’m going to bed!!!

‘Nite all!!


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