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FINALLY…Halloween is over!!!

I don’t know about you, but I swear it felt like Halloween went on for the entire month this year. Maybe because I started decorating on October 1st??  (Mental note — don’t do that again!) Maybe because I had two parties to plan for and THEN trick or treating?? Maybe because I’m just getting old?  […]

I pulled off the impossible…

I LOVE giving gifts.  I will search for weeks to find the perfect gift for someone I care about.  If I can’t make it, then its off to the internet to do research…

Our youngest nugget turned 7 this month.  Do you remember being 7?  Small things seemed like magic and big things…well, those were almost miracles….

Three months ago, I heard that Justin Beiber was coming to town.  My daughter(s) love the Beibs.  I have to admit, he’s even growing on me…..although I feel like a perv when I watch his newest video.  He’s just…so young
Anyhoo… I hopped on the ol’ net and found out that if I paid $30 every quarter of the year, I could sign up to join the OFFICIAL Justin Beiber fan club.  Why on earth would I do that?  Oh yeah….because you get the presale code to buy tickets before they go on sale!!! Hellloooo   Plus you get swag.  Real, official JB swag.  I was so in…. Signed, sealed, and tickets bought.

What I didn’t think about:  having to keep it a secret for three months!!  Holy shit, how was I going to pull this off???

Believe me, it was uber-hard.  There were so many times I started to say something about it and would stop myself in mid-breath. Literally.   But, we did it.  We pulled off the impossible, and this past weekend..we surprised her with her tickets AND the Justin Beiber offical fan club card and hat.

The theme for the party this year was…what else….Justin Beiber.  I ordered custom designed invites, cupcake labels, and water bottle labels from my good friend Yulia over at Sarah Hope Designs.  She does FABULOUS work and I would recommend her to anyone who asked for a designer.  Love this girl!!  Check her out here:  or check out her FB page.

Syd had already decided she wanted to party at Skate King, so it all came together fairly easily..

And for your amusement, here are the pics:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She still hasn’t come down from the excitement.  I gotta say…we done good….

I’m a big softie

Did you know that about me?  I should list it in the ‘about me’ part of the blog.

I cry at the drop of the hat.  Literally – I would feel bad for the hat that was dropped and the person who dropped it.   By cry, I mean that my eyes fill with tears and a few spill over. Not sobbing, but definitely leaves me in need of a tissue.

I cry when I watch any reality singing show. When the performers get up there and sing, tears start to well.  And if the song comes with a sob story, it’s over.  The dam breaks.

I cry when I watch Glee, and they sing.  I cry when the commercials come on for Hallmark cards, or Maxwell House coffee (goin’ old school there).   I even cried when Dexter had to kill his brother in Season 1.

But what really gets the tears aflowin?

The National Anthem.

Every time I hear it, I cannot sing the entire song because I get too choked up.  Every. Single. Time.  At the sounders games?  Forgetaboutit.  I am always trying to hide the tears under my sunglasses.

September 11th was a day which will forever hurt my heart.  I was devastated by that day and the days that followed.  Seriously.  I didn’t know anyone that died but my heart broke for those that did.

On the first anniversary, I went to a memorial in Seattle with my dear friend, Kim.  She was so sweet to me that day.  As I stood there absolutely bawling my eyes out, she just put her arm around me and let me go to town.

In subsequent years, I’ve managed to distance myself from the emotional toil of that day, but I still cannot watch a show or read an article about September 11th without the tears.  It is still very raw for me, but I can at least function through the day.

This year, as I was driving to work, I was greeted by streets lined with American flags.  It literally stopped me in my tracks.  I often wonder what happened to the patriotism of those days, as you don’t see it so much anymore.  But these flags all over the streets and corners…took my breath away.  They were beautiful to see, and I knew I had to get some photos.


September 11th will always be a day that triggers deep emotions with me, much like older generations feel about the day Kennedy was shot or Jim Morrison died….  it will never be forgotten but as the years go by, I hope that the sadness will lessen.

There is a bright side to that day too…Sept 11, 2002 was the day before the first date with my husband.  Knowing myself as I do, I knew better than to set up our first date on the 11th, so we made it the 12th. That’s now our wedding anniversary!


Okay, kids…I am on the cusp of a huge life change.No, I’m not leaving my husband. Why does everyone immediately assume that my marriage is crumbling?  Do you know something I don’t?

I am participating in a world-wide challenge called the “whole life challenge”. Its not a diet – it’s a “relearning” how to live a healthy life: with the right foods and exercise. And in this…I am accountable. Me. Not you. Not my husband, or my kids. If it works, it is because of me. And if it doesn’t work, it is because of me.

I have to say — I’m scared. But excited. Excitedly scared. This is how I felt when I knew I was going to quit smoking; I felt as if I was losing a friend. But the life of my unborn child meant more to me than having that cigarette. And I think my life now will grow to mean more to me than having that billion-calorie cheeseburger. Not that I won’t do it once in a while. Just not twice a….week, I meant to say.

Check out the website:

And….wish me luck!!

My secret obsession..well, maybe not that secret…

I love classic cars.  It doesn’t really matter what kind of car, and it doesn’t really matter the condition its in.  Granted, I have my favorites, but I am not too particular.  Where some people may see a hunk of junk, I see a piece of history…a small player in someone’s story. My husband’s grandfather […]

A cupcake for my cupcakes

Tomorrow, my daughter’s best friend leaves for college.

Not only is she the oldest nugget’s bff, she is truly like my child.  They have been friends since they were eight years old — that’s TEN years!! Unheard of with girls these days!!  Never had a big blow up…never had the drama with each other.  And I love her.  And my heart is breaking.

But I can’t show her that. I’m so proud of her; I don’t want her to feel bad for leaving.  She’s doing what she set out to do — get the hell out of dodge, and I couldn’t be more proud.  It just sucks for right now.  But we will have Skype convos and I plan on visiting her very soon.

Last night was her going away party.  It was all good until it was time to say goodbye.  I  had promised myself I would not cry. If you know me, you know that is like telling an alcoholic not to drink – I just can’t help it. As we were leaving, all three girls started to cry.  I mean, snot running, unable to catch your breath, sobbing…  and then I felt my own dam start to crack.  Shit! I had to get out of there.  So I bribed her with one last visit before she leaves – to pick up Nutella cupcakes, her favorite.

After all, when you’re sad, what else makes you feel better than to throw together a batch of cupcakes??? Oh, wait… you don’t do that?  That’s just me being a dork??? Oh…well…that explains a lot!

I’d made these before, following the recipe here:

THIS time, I opted to toast Hazelnuts to top the frosting.  Yeah….not a fan.  Could be I toasted them way too long, but the smoky taste was too much for me.  I ended up scraping off most of them….

I asked my lil’ nugget to be my helper.  She poured the sugar and melted the butter for the frosting.  It helped her not feel sad too.

When I asked her to be the taste-tester, I could tell she wasn’t enthused.  Then, she took a bite.  And her whole face lit up in surprise.  She said “Wow, Mommy…I thought these were gonna be gross, but they don’t taste gross at all!!

Guess that’s good enough for me.


It’s Laminated

It’s Laminated

Any of you in your thirties and forties who watched Friends (while in its original run) will undoubtedly remember this episode:  “The Laminated List”.  Isabella Rosselini walks into The Central Perk, and Ross is given permission by Rachel to go for it.

I have a laminated list.  Although it isn’t really laminated, because it can change on a whim.   But — today — here is my list:

  1. Dave Grohl (no matter how stinky he looks to be)
  2. Jude Law (yep — makes me melt)
  3. Javier Bardem or Jeffrey Dean Morgan (they both look so much alike, they are almost interchangeable)
  4. David Beckham (as long as he doesn’t talk…that ruins it for me)
  5. and..newly added…Channing Tatum.  (after seeing Magic Mike)

And…of course….there are always alternates!!

Who would be on your list??

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